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Customer engagement software and services

A database of all your contacts linked to options for:

Look-Ups, Profiles and Communications

Managing Engagement, Support or Service Delivery Programmes

Collecting and Evaluating Feedback


TPTracker® software for Social Housing Providers

Managing customer engagement: keeping them informed, listening to their views, involving and supporting them.

An easy-to-use software for Social Housing Providers to manage their customer engagement activities: Communications for keeping residents informed; Feedback for listening to their views and acting on it; Participation for involving them in the organisation; and Support for providing and evaluating help to them and their communities

TPTracker® can be to linked to your main housing management database, while still keeping it quick to set up, easy to use and great value. It comes with a fully inclusive package of support to set it all up for you, train your team to use it effectively and be there with specialist help and advice if you need it.

TPTracker® software for Support Service Providers

Managing and evaluating your programmes of support and services for clients or communities.

This easy-to-use, online software package is especially suited to a ‘Third Sector’ organisation with a database of clients, service users, volunteers, supporters, friends, donors, or other contacts.

TPTracker® can give you something that is better than spreadsheets for managing and evaluating your customer engagement, yet still easy to use and affordable. It has been helping organisations like yours for more than 10 years. All your team’s different records will be linked to one central database at the heart of your software package: Contacts, Profiles, Communications, Programme management and Impact evaluation. 

This will give you a ‘Single source of data’ to which everyone in your team can connect. Clear navigation with easy indexing and look-ups will allow you and your team to quickly find, interpret and share all the information they need.

TPTracker® software for Businesses

Customer engagement software for managing your database of contacts and communicating with them in compliance with GDPR.

Are you currently using spreadsheets and want to move on to something better? Or do you have a CRM tool that is not giving you what you need, costs too much and can’t adapt and grow as your business moves forward? Then TPTracker® is for you.

You will have just one central database of all your contacts (customers, prospects, suppliers, staff and other contacts) at the heart of your software package. All your team’s different records will be linked to this one database: Contacts, Profiles, Communications and History giving you a ‘Single source of data’.

Clear navigation with easy indexing and look-ups will allow you and your team to quickly find, interpret and share all the information you need.

Software and services for Multi-Channel Surveys

Gathering and evaluating feedback from your customers or clients using their preferred methods.

A complete, multi-channel, survey toolkit linked to a database of your contacts, for you to manage and interpret all your customer feedback or for us to do it for you if you prefer.

TPTracker® Survey Software:

A complete toolkit for you to manage all your own survey needs. Use a full range of survey methodologies, link questionnaires and responses to people in your database and use the in-built analysis options to interpret the feedback.

Surzle® Survey Services:

If you don’t have the resources, expertise or inclination to manage your own survey programmes, Arena Partnership can do it all for you and present the results in real-time via an online Surzle® DASHBOARD.


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