Case Studies

The organisations using TPTracker software have many examples of how it has helped them:

  • Gaining insight into their customers’ needs and wishes;
  • Communicating with their contacts more effectively;
  • Listening, interpreting and responding to feedback;
  • Managing and evaluating participation, support or community development initiatives;
  • Generally running their operations more efficiently.
Does ‘Net Promoter Score’ tell us anything different to ‘Satisfaction’?
A fresh approach to surveys and customer insight

Red Kite Community Housing is adopting a new approach to gathering customer feedback, moving to a system of asking customers for their views on a service just after they have received it and using the contact method which is most convenient for them. Read more >

Red Kite Community Housing
LeedsWaveney District CouncilDCH
CharnwoodCommunity GatewayLewes District Council
NW LeicsFirst Choice HomesSaffron Housing Trust
Coastline HousingRed Kite Community HousingSwan Housing

"TPTracker will reform the way we collate the data, hard and soft, and make life much easier for all involved."

Kally Bhartti, Accord