The Survey Upgrade option

Add the optional Survey Upgrade to your Fundraising or Service Delivery solution.

A survey toolkit linked to your database of contacts and allowing you to offer a full range of survey methods with simple, on-screen reporting and analysis.


Choose between Post, Phone, SMS, Online or Face-to-Face methodologies; you can automatically select the preferred option for each person (if you know it) or offer them a choice. TPTracker® will collate all the responses together, whatever the method.

Select candidates

Use for Satisfaction, Transactional or Profiling surveys; ask TPTracker® to select a representative sample for you (e.g. for a general satisfaction survey) or specify exactly who you want to survey (e.g. those who have just completed a transaction).

Avoid survey fatigue

Because everything is linked to the core database, TPTracker® knows who has been sent what and when so can apply whatever rules you want to avoid over-surveying individual people.

Comply with GDPR Regulations

TPTracker® will automatically prevent you from selecting people who have ‘Unsubscribed’ from surveys or asked you not to use a specific methodology, avoiding the risk of accidentally breaching data protection rules.

Link responses to profiles

TPTracker® will automatically link responses to the respondent’s personal profile; if the response is confidential or anonymous, it will limit the profiling data so they can’t be identified.

Alert you

If someone uses a survey response to request a call back, TPTracker® will automatically alert you so you can instantly follow up the contact without having to scour through all the data.

Collect ‘open’ feedback

You can publish an SMS/Text number, publish a web address or set up a link from your website to the TPTracker® Tenants’ Survey Portal for people to leave feedback whenever they like; they won’t be identified (unless they leave their details) but you can use the TPTracker® analysis toolkit to monitor the responses.

Additional Licence Fees

These fees are additional to your existing licence fee for either the Fundraising Team Solution or the Service Delivery Team Solution. We offer three options, depending on how confident you feel, or what resources you have available, to run your own surveys:


We run all your surveys for you and you see the results in TPTracker®. The licence fee covers the software and we will quote separately for managing your surveys, based on your specification.


We create the questionnaires for you and you then manage the surveys yourselves using TPTracker®. We will charge a small fee (currently £10 + VAT per question) for designing and setting up each questionnaire, which includes sharing our team’s expertise and best practice advice.


You do everything yourself, creating your  own questionnaires and running your own surveys.

All prices quotes above are excluding VAT

The Survey Upgrade option

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