Databosh for CLUBS & SOCIETIES

Replace your spreadsheets with a hassle-free, easy to use solution for your club or society. Tailor-made, but affordable and quick to set up.

Databosh is especially suited to a club or society with a database of all your contacts.

You may not want a full-blown, bespoke data handling system (and who would want to pay for one of those?).

But if you are ready to move on from managing with spreadsheets, the Databosh cloud-based solution is just what you need.

Single core database

One central database of all your contacts (members, supporters, volunteers, friends and other contacts) at the heart of your IT system.

Integrated system

All your team’s different records linked to the same central database: contacts, profiles, communications, and activities.


Clear navigation with easy indexing and look-ups. You and your team can quickly find, interpret and use all the information they need.


Tools for quickly selecting people from your database, contacting them in their preferred way and tracking the delivery of each message.

Analysis toolkit

Simple filters to generate instant reports and analyses. Graphs, tables and Excel exports, for efficient management and clear insight.

Data security

One of our most popular feature is that YOU control who has access to your Databosh system. High levels of security mean that while your system remains easy to access, your data stays safe.

Unlimited users

You pay for a single licence per organisation and can have as many users as you need. Many of our competitors charge a licence fee per user but with Databosh you can rest assured that as your team grows, the costs won’t keep escalating up.

Personal support

One of our team will help you to get started and then keep in contact with you. We want to ensure Databosh makes a real impact on your organisation.

Databosh for CLUBS & SOCIETIES

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