Resident Feedback

A package for managing ALL your organisation's survey needs, linked to your database of residents and allowing you to offer a full range of survey methods with a simple, on-screen analysis, reporting and analysis toolkit:


Choose between Post, Phone, SMS, Online or Face-to-Face methodologies for collecting your resident feedback; you can automatically select the preferred option for each person (if you know it) or offer them a choice. TPTracker® will collate all the responses together, whatever the method, or allow you to filter the data by method if you wish.

Select candidates

Use for Satisfaction, Transactional or Profiling surveys; ask TPTracker® to select a representative sample for you (e.g. for a STAR Survey) or specify exactly who you want to survey (e.g. those who have just had a repair completed).

Avoid survey fatigue

Because everything is linked to the core database, TPTracker® knows who has been sent what and when so can apply whatever rules you want to avoid over-surveying individual people.

Comply with GDPR Regulations

TPTracker® will automatically prevent you from selecting people who have ‘Unsubscribed’ from surveys or asked you not to use a specific methodology, avoiding the risk of accidentally breaching data protection rules.

Link responses to profiles

TPTracker® will automatically link responses to the respondent’s personal profile; if the response is confidential or anonymous, it will limit the profiling data so they can’t be identified.

Alert you

If someone uses a survey response to request a call back, TPTracker® will automatically alert you so you can instantly follow up the contact without having to scour through all the data.

Collect ‘open’ feedback

You can publish an SMS number or a web address for people to leave feedback whenever they like; they won’t be identified (unless they leave their details) but you can use the TPTracker® analysis toolkit to monitor the responses.

>Survey Contract Options

The TPTracker® resident feedback package provides the complete toolkit for your organisation to manage all its own survey needs.

However, if you would prefer someone to do everything for you, as just a one-off for a specific survey or your whole programme, then this is a service which Arena Partnership can provide. MORE>>


Resident Feedback

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