Support Programmes

A package for managing your community or personal support programmes.

Track individual clients through their intervention support programmes and evaluate the outcomes achieved and the impact on each client.

Track all the programme inputs: costs, time and other resources.

Evaluate the overall outcomes, value for money and social impact achieved.

Profile clients

Build a central database of your clients (prospective, current and past) with their contact details, profile, background information and past history. TPTracker® will automatically link everything recorded to their record.

Profile programmes

Build a database of all your programmes; TPTracker® will link all the background information, events, engagements, inputs and outputs you record to them AND to the relevant client files.

Analyse clients

Track all the engagements and other interventions for an individual client and evaluate the impact on them with your choice of indicators (for binary outcomes such as ‘Back in work’) or star charts (for incremental changes such as ‘Level of self confidence’).

Analyse programmes

Use the on-screen reporting and analysis toolkit to interrogate individual events, programmes, funding sources, delivery partners, etc or any combination, to give you the reports you need.

Social valuation

Outcomes can be translated into social values to give you a ‘Quick View’ of the relative impact achieved. Use this to determine an approximate ‘ranking’ or those programmes worthy of more detailed evaluation.


Support Programmes

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