The Multi-Team solution

Your own choice of module options to create a single integrated system for your organisation.

If one of the TPTracker® standard packages does not exactly fit your needs, the MULTI-TEAM solution allows you to select the exact functionality you need:

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Every TPTracker® MULTI-TEAM solution includes a database of people to which all other modules are linked and which can be regularly updated from an existing core database if required. Front-line staff love the really easy access this provides:

  • Look up contacts
  • Profile different groups
  • Search for records
  • Track engagement histories

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Resident engagement

Use the Resident Engagement option to manage and evaluate your customer involvement activities:

  • Who participates in what, when and for how long
  • The costs and staff time involved in running each programme or event
  • Inputs from other partner organisations
  • The impact on your organisation – service improvement, cost reduction, greater insight etc.
  • The impact on participants – improved knowledge, skills, self confidence and well-being, which can be translated into social value and a return on investment can be obtained.

Community support

Use the Community Support option to manage and evaluate your programmes of community or personal support:

  • Track the intervention journey for each client and evaluate their incremental impact
  • Consolidate the impact measurements for clients within one or more programmes
  • Add other key indicator measurements and translate all outputs into social values
  • Track the costs, staff time and partner contributions to running each programme
  • Evaluate the overall impact and return of each programme or group of programmes

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Add the Communications module to send emails and text messages to your contacts, participants or clients or create mailing lists:

  • TPTracker® knows who is involved in what, making it easy to select different groups
  • Methods of communication can be linked to individual preferences
  • Records are automatically added to each contact’s personal file
  • TPTracker® records the message outcomes and identifies incorrect phone numbers or email addresses

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Customer insight

Use the Customer Insight option to manage and evaluate your customer survey programmes:

  • Conduct surveys using any combination of post, phone, SMS, online or face-to-face
  • Use your contacts’ preferred methodologies and avoid ‘survey fatigue’
  • Get TPTracker® to select representative samples from the database or upload target lists
  • Set up automated alerts if respondents request you contact them
  • Full range of analysis tools available: graphs, tables, cross-tabulations, downloads etc.


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Alternatively, find out more by downloading the TPTracker®  MULTI-TEAM brochure.

The Multi-Team solution
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