Replace your spreadsheets with a hassle-free, easy to use solution for your business. Tailor-made but affordable and quick to set up.

You may not yet be big enough to need a full-blown, bespoke data handling system (and who wants to pay for one of those?). But if you are ready for something that is better than spreadsheets yet still affordable, then a TPTracker BUSINESS system is just what you need.

Is this for me?

TPTracker BUSINESS is especially suited to small or medium sized businesses with a database of contacts. You may currently be using spreadsheets and want to move on to something better. Or you may have a contact management system that is not giving you what you need, costing too much or is unable to adapt and grow as your business moves forward.

How will I benefit?

You will have just one central database of all your contacts (customers, prospects, suppliers, staff and other contacts) at the heart of your TPTracker software package. All your team’s different records will be linked to this one database: Contacts, Profiles, Communications, History and Feedback* giving you a ‘Single source of truth’. Clear navigation with easy indexing and look-ups will allow you and your team to quickly find, interpret and share all the information they need.

Add the ‘Surveys’ module as an optional extra for gathering and evaluating feedback from your contacts by post, phone, SMS, email or face to face.

Are there any upfront costs?

The short answer is “No”. We will listen to you, put together a package to meet your needs, reformat and upload your existing data for you and train you to get started. And all for free. All you pay is a license fee to use it, which can be paid either monthly or annually, whichever suits you best.

How many people can use it?

Our most popular feature is that you control who has access to your TPTracker BUSINESS system. Your pay for a single license per organisation and can have as many users as you need. Many of our competitors charge a license per user but with TPTracker BUSINESS you can rest assured that as your team grows, the costs won’t keep escalating up.

Can I talk to a real person?

And our second most popular feature is that we are real people on the end of a phone and we will set up your TPTracker BUSINESS system for you and give you advice and training on how to get the best out of your TPTracker BUSINESS system. There are no bots here!

How secure is my data?

TPTracker BUSINESS is protected with very high levels of security, so while your system remains easy to access, your data stays safe. You control the access to it by authorised users only. And we guarantee that everything is hosted on servers which are on the UK mainland, to comply with data protection requirements.

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