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Sometimes, you just don’t have the time, facilities, expertise or inclination to conduct your own customer surveys, you would just prefer someone else to manage them for you.

Our expertise

With our team’s specialist expertise in customer surveys and back-office support, we can offer efficient, cost-effective options using your customers’ preferred methods of contact and generating valuable insights. Our approach is to work with you, listen to your needs and tailor your programme of customer surveys to meet your objectives.

This gives you a stress-free, one-stop-shop for all your survey needs, including your choice of the following options:

Needs analysis

We can help you to evaluate your survey needs and identify the objectives: what you want to achieve. we can then design and cost an effective survey programme for you.

Programme delivery

This will involve all the key operational steps: designing the questionnaires; calculating the sample sizes and selecting candidates; delivering the surveys using a wide range of methodologies (post, phone, SMS/Text or online); processing the responses and collating the data; presenting the data to you via EITHER data files/charts/tables OR our online Surzle® DASHBOARD.

Evaluating the responses

We can analyse and interpret the data for you; what it is telling you and how you could make real use of the feedback. We will then present the key findings and recommendations to you in whatever way you prefer, including reports, graphics, workshops or presentations.

The benefits

SURVEY DESIGN EXPERTISE: Our team has extensive knowledge and experience to help you select the right questions and survey the right numbers of customers to maximise the effectiveness and value for money of your data gathering.

Surzle® DASHBOARD: Access to our online reporting and analysis toolkit will allow you to track our progress and review your results and analysis in ‘real time’, keeping you involved and informed at all times.

MULTI-CHANNEL: We offer a complete range of survey delivery methods (Post, phone, SMS/Text or Online) and can select them based on both your needs and your customers’ preferences.

RESOURCES: Use of our Freepost reply service and specialist Data Processing Team will save you time and resources; it is often cheaper than doing it yourself. Our telephone surveyors are all trained and experienced employees, with a natural empathy with respondents.

HOUSEMARK LISTED: Arena Partnership is a recognised provider of STAR satisfaction surveys and STAR T transactional surveys to social housing providers; we can also deliver specialist profiling survey or other customer insight surveys, as required.

DATA PRESENTATION: Clear presentation of data and analysis from Surzle® helps you communicate the results and headline figures to your customers and stakeholders.

INSIGHT: Our team can help you gain insight from your surveys, making recommendations and developing action plans in response. These can be in detailed written reports, guidance notes, small workshops or onsite presentations of the results.

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Surzle customer surveys service

"We’re very pleased with the survey results and the report. I’d like to thank you and your team for the service you’ve provided, we’re very pleased with every aspect of the survey exercise."

Mo Woosnam, Mid-Wales

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