TPTracker for Social Housing Providers

Easy-to-use software for Social Housing Providers to manage their resident engagement activities.

Are you…

LOOKING for a specialist piece of software for managing your resident engagement:

  • Communications: Keeping residents informed?
  • Feedback: Listening to their views and acting on it?
  • Participation: Involving them in the organisation?
  • Support: Helping them and their communities?

WANTING to link it to your main housing management database while still keeping it quick to set up, easy to use and great value?

HOPING it comes with a fully inclusive package of support to set it all up for you, train your team to use it effectively and be there with specialist help and advice if you need it?

Then a TPTracker® cloud-based solution is just what you need.

Complete Resident Engagement Package

Everything you need in one software package, just choose the combination of modules that match your current approach to Resident Engagement. All your records are linked to a single database of all your contacts at the heart of TPTracker®.

This is good for data management and reliability. It also gives you clear operational efficiencies.

Single database

The one central database of all your contacts at the heart of your TPTracker® package can be automatically linked to your main database (if you wish) to keep it up to date.


Clear navigation with easy indexing and look-ups. You and your team can quickly find, interpret and use all the information they need with a minimum of training required.

Analysis toolkit

Simple filters to generate instant reports and analyses. Graphs, tables and Excel exports, for efficient management and clear insight.

Data security

One of our most popular feature is that YOU control who has access to your TPTracker® system. High levels of security mean that while your system remains easy to access, your data stays safe.

Unlimited users

You pay for a single licence per organisation and can have as many users as you need. With TPTracker® you can rest assured that as your team grows, the costs won’t keep escalating up.

Personal support

One of our team will help you to get started and then keep in contact with you. We want to ensure TPTracker® makes a real impact on your organisation.

Our 5 key promises

Click HERE to see how we promise to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy the benefits of TPTracker®.

Your choice of 3 options

Choose one of our three standard packages:

>Tenant Participation and Communication

A specialist package, widely used by the UK Social Housing Sector for more than ten years, comprising all the core features above plus the functionality you need for communicating with your contacts or managing and evaluating your participation and engagement activities.

>Support Programmes

Manage your community or personal support programmes: track individual clients through their intervention programme and evaluate the outcomes achieved and its impact on them; track programme inputs and outputs then evaluate the value for money and social impact achieved.

>Resident Feedback

A package for managing ALL your organisation’s survey needs, linked to your database of residents and allowing you to offer a full range of survey methods with a simple, on-screen analysis, reporting and analysis toolkit.

Alternatively, you can have your own custom combination of features to suit exactly what you need.


> And a ‘We do it all for you‘ survey option

With or without one of the above software packages, you may wish to talk to us about providing you with a bespoke survey delivery service, including access to your survey responses via an online TPTracker® SURVEY DASHBOARD.

TPTracker for Social Housing Providers
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