The TPTracker User Network

Keeping in personal contact with our TPTracker clients to share their experiences and best practice ideas.

TPTracker web-based software is flexible enough to be used by a wide-range of different organisations including:

  • Local Authorities
  • Social housing providers
  • Not-for-profit organisations and charities
  • Commercial businesses
  • Clubs and societies

While their needs may be different, we find they have much in common when it comes to profiling their contacts, whether they are customers, clients, service-users, tenants, members, residents, staff or other stakeholders.

We encourage our network of users to share their experiences and best practice ideas with each other, either through us or directly with each other. In this way we have been able to pass on information and understanding of a range of database issues including:

  • Profiling and customer segmentation
  • Communications
  • Feedback and customer insight
  • Community support and social valuation

Unlike many online service providers, the Arena Partnership Team keeps in personal touch with you, building a relationship so that we know and understand your needs and can offer you the help and advice you need via the phone, email or web-link.

We also visit our customers to provide onsite training and support – you won’t get that level of personal contact from many other online suppliers!

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The TPTracker User Network
Welwyn Hatfield Community Housing TrustWatford Community Housing TrustDCH
West KentHackney HomesGreenfields Community Housing
Plymouth Community HomesNottingham City HomesPeaks & Plains

"Sharing ideas and experiences is excellent."

Alex Williams, Rooftop

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